*** SpeedMerchant Rev.7 ***

Hi Guys,

Here's the latest and greatest out of the SpeedMerchant camp.

Introducing the Rev.7.

With the changes in Lipo's, traction compounds, bodies and even carpet construction, we've seen an on-going change is set-up philosophies over the past few seasons.

After lots of testing starting at the Snowbirds, continuing with the R.O.A.R. Carpet Nats, and finalizing over the Spring & Summer, we feel the Rev.7 is the very best combination of performance, efficiency and tuneability (is that a word?).

We were able to design an off-set in-line configuration but still keep the weight bias very close to our standard battery configuration found in the Rev.6 and like the 6 allow for weight jacking for tuning purposes.

The Rev.7 is very narrow, but still has plenty of room for electronics. So far, most the built 7's are coming in around 705 grams....that allows for almost a full ounce of weight to be used for tuning.

The other nice benefit of running the off-set in-line battery is it let us gain some chassis efficiency. We narrowed up the chassis and moved the pivot points & springs further inboard. The Polar Moment of Inertia is even lower than before. The Rev.7 changes direction quicker as well as rotates 180's faster and more efficiently. We've actually seen a drop in motor temps with 17.5 testing back to back.

Due to moving the links in further, we were able to remove a lot of material from the chassis and bottom plate while still maintaining a very rigid racing platform.

Below are pictures broken up into 5 sub-sets...
  • Formula Rev.7
  • Rev.7 Sport - featuring our New "Old School" front suspension
  • The underneath of the Rev.7 featuring our weight bias channel and the brass weight inserts
  • My personal test mule used mainly for Blinky 17.5 and a little 13.5 thrown in for good measure
  • Our waaaaay cool new optional Team Tamale Adjustable Rear Pod.

    Above each set of pictures will be further descriptions.

    To try to satisfy more customers, we will offer several different variations on the conversions. So, even if you are coming from a Associated, CRC , etc., we will have something to get you going.

    Happy Racing.-Bruce

  • *** Formula Rev.7 ***

    *** Rev.7 Sport ***

    *** Weight Bias Channel ***

    *** Original Rev.7 Test Mule ***

    *** Optional Team Tamale Adjustable Rear Pod ***